10 reasons why giving Promotional Items and Business Gifts is a great idea

Promotional items and business gifts are becoming more and more popular as companies realise their potential for promoting their business and services.

Business gifts take advantage of perhaps the most powerful word in the English language: free. Offer someone something for free, and you’ve immediately got their attention and this makes it an excellent way of building relationships and boosting business.

Here are just a few ways that promotional gift-giving benefits your business.

1. Raise brand awareness

One of the best ways to “get your name out there” is to do it quite literally; a promotional item or business gift with your company’s logo and name is a great way to raise awareness about your business.

Brand awareness is all about building associations. A promotional item or business gift helps potential customers to associate your brand with something positive, whether it’s something useful or just an attractive decoration. It makes a solid impression in your prospect’s mind, which also makes your brand easier to remember.

2. Save money

Not only is a promotional item or business gift a thoughtful token, it can help to advertise your company at a lower price than many other methods. A promotional item or business gift is among the most cost-effective means of promotion.

3. Improve image and perception

A promotional item or business gift helps to enhance a prospect’s opinion of you and your company. It is more often the case that where people who have received a promotional item or business gift are more likely to have a positive perception of the company.

Even outside of the business world, a gift is an iconic symbol of goodwill. It only makes sense that business gifts would increase customer goodwill and improve the overall attitude of prospects.

4. Generate leads

Promotional item and business gifts can help to inspire curiosity and interest in your company. It’s not unusual for customers to be more receptive to a business that gives them a free gift. These gifts might even be used as an incentive to sign up for a newsletter or visit a website.

5. Increase sales

Naturally, with greater customer goodwill and brand awareness comes more sales. It is common that customers who receive a promotional item or business gift tend to spend more on products or services from the company that gave it.

Think of business gifts as a form of added value. Customers who feel that a company is giving them greater value for their money are ultimately likely to spend more.

6. Maintain customer loyalty

It has been suggested that when you give customers business gifts, they’re more likely to reorder faster and more often.

Giving someone a promotional item helps to encourage repeat business; it’s a great way to remind them that their patronage is important to you.

7. Generate referrals

Sometimes your own customers can be a great source of new leads. Business gifts and promotional items are a great way of encouraging lead generation, but rather than just including a free gift with your referral request, consider offering it as an incentive.

It is likely that a letter that offers a promotional gift as an incentive for referrals is more likely to receive a response than a simple letter asking for referrals. Comparatively, the letters that include a free gift in the actual mailing are less likely to get a response.

8. Develop employee relations

Business gifts can improve the attitude of employees as well as customers. Awards, plaques and other business gifts are an effective way to reward good work and thank employees for their dedication.

You might also use promotional items to remind employees of a particular concept or aspect of your business. For example, a pen imprinted with the phrase “Buy two, get one free” or something similar might remind employees to always mention this discount to clients.

9. Build B2B relationships

Much like average people, companies are very likely to take notice of free business gifts. If the promotional item you give to a business is something that’s frequently used in an office environment, it’s bound to serve as a reminder of your company’s goodwill.

Thus, when forming and maintaining partnerships with distributors, vendors or other organizations, a business gift can go a long way.

10. Conclusion

Promotional items and business gifts are a cost-effective and dependable way to give your company advantages in the business world. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s a good idea to incorporate a business gift into your marketing strategy.


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